As a child I was always writing things down and tried writing a book several times. While writing an entire book never really happened, I was obsessed with storytelling from a young age. While this phase of my life passed, I later was passionate about computers and technology. Building my own computer and following every new smartphone release religiously. When I discovered there were actually people living their lives making films these two passions collide.

After this, filmmaking literally became an obsession. Studying everything about film I could find. While watching a seemingly impossible amount of films as I tried to understand the art of filmmaking. Eventually going on a lot of sets as a 2nd AC, focus puller, lighting assistant, gaffer, and director, I eventually found my place behind the camera. Where I use my passion for technology to tell stories while working together with amazing people. Since then I've shot many music videos, short films, commercials, and countless other videos for brands, artists, and clients.

As a cinematographer I believe in the unique ability of film to expand your horizon and see things from a different perspective. I hope to achieve this using light and camera gear in such a way that it creates compelling and engaging stories.

living in Oisterwijk, The Netherlands.